About department

“Safety of Vital Activity”

The issue of life safety of both an individual and the whole society has currently become a crucial and burning.  Safety of vital activity is discussed on pages of newspapers and magazines by scientists, public representatives, and politicians, being the object of attention by all layers of society and state.

In the conditions of present time, it is clear that every person, and definitely a person with a higher education, must realize importance of study improvement, which is aimed at forming a culture of vital activity’s safety through teaching at higher education institutions courses such as “Safety of Vital Activity and Civil Protection”, “Principles of Occupational Safety and Health”, and “Occupational Safety and Health in Industry”. These courses were defined by the higher education standard and are taught in accordance with the typical curriculum.

The lecturers’ work focuses on students’ knowledge development on the given above subjects, making this knowledge actually effective in practice. It gives an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience which would bolster adequate attitude of a person toward own safety and safety of their surrounding, as well as improve practical skills related to security issues.